Me And My Speccies


ZX Spectrum 48k+

 It all started in Christmas 1983 (I remember cos I got Bugaboo The Flea) when I got my first Spectrum 48k rubber keyed computer.
I was only 8 years old and the machine cost £135, which was a lot those days.

ZX Spectrum 128k+ (x2)

 Later my brother and I bought a second hand 128k Spectrum from one of his mates for £60.
Unfortunately I sold this to get funds toward an Amiga 500 in 1991 :{.
Later I realised I didn't have to part with my Speccy and could have had both :{{
Recently I purchased an unboxed 128k+ from Ebay only to get a cheaper boxed on the following week from a car boot fair.


ZX Spectrum 128k +2 (Grey)

 Back in September 1995 I purchased a 128k Plus 2 from my Sister-In-Law for just £5 and a pair of jeans.

Now I have found another great source of Speccy finds, car boot fairs are an excellent hunting ground to
find Spectrums and their software.  I've bought a few more spectrums now and have decided to collect
the whole set.  At the fair I've aquired loads of software and peripherals and now own 3 more of them:

ZX Spectrum 48k+ (x3)

I actually have three of these, two have faulty keyboard membranes, but that's easily fixed.
They are different motherboard issues though; the working one is rev 4 and the faulty ones are rev 6a

ZX Spectrum 128k +2a (Black)

One of my mates from University kindly donated to me along with his software collection.

ZX Spectrum 128k +3

Got this speccy from a car boot fair for £7, but the floppy drive doesn't work, and although I've
replaced it with a know working one, it still doesn't work. I suspect a dodgy chip somewhere.
Hmm It does now ;-), some of the discs are dodgy though

To bring back all this memorabilia I am use a few ZX Spectrum Emulators on various platforms:


ZXAM V2.0b
x128 68k/PPC
CB Speccy (Not Until Stable 060 version is released)


Z80 V3.05 (Registered)
Real Spectrum

Each emulator has its own value, and excells in areas some do not, it's good to have a choice.